Photography FAQs

We have prepared answers to a number of questions clients frequently ask us. We hope you find these useful.

1. Where can I find photography samples to view?

Please visit the Gallery section on our website and visit us on Facebook at We have a host of other samples that can be viewed outside of Blushhh website and facebook. I there is anything specific that you would like to see, please get in touch.

2. I am still finalising dates, what should I do?

If you have not yet confirmed your wedding/ pre-wedding ceremony /event dates but have some possible dates/time frames in mind, please get in touch so that we are aware of your potential interest. In most cases we are able to advise on off-peak dates that will help you reduce your costs not just for photography but other aspects of a wedding/pre-wedding ceremony/event.

3. What is your photography style and can I provide my own ideas?

We try to give you as much variety as possible by including both traditional and contemporary images. Contemporary reportage photography focuses on capturing the moments and details as they unfold whilst the traditional posed photography aim to capture beautiful shots of key members of family, friends and the couple. We have a good balance between being creative and maintaining certain discipline so that both the elder members of the family and the couple have a good selection of photographs to choose from.

Please let us know if you would like things done differently to how we normally shoot. We are always happy to discuss if you have any specific ideas.

4. How long will it take to dispatch my images?

For Wedding/engagement/pre-shoot, images can take up to 6 weeks to be dispatched. If you have specific timing constraints that we should be aware of, please discuss this with us in advance during the consultation period.

For Portraiture the time frame is normally shorter but can vary depending on the portrait package selected.

Commercial/Corporate images can vary depending on the nature of the request. In most cases we are able to offer express delivery option at an additional cost.

5. Do you edit the images?

We carry out basic editing on all the images unless agreed otherwise. This ensures that you get consistent professional quality images.

We also offer advanced editing (e.g. spot removal/air brushing etc.) at an additional cost unless this service is offered as part of a package that was agreed upfront.

6. How many images will I get?

Every event is unique and therefore the number of images can vary depending on the length of the event, size of the event, number of ceremonies taking place and so on.

We work with full integrity throughout the photography session and work hard to deliver a range of images so that you have plenty of good quality images to choose form.

7. Will I get all the images?

Yes you get all the images that are of good quality. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver a variety of quality images to give you plenty of choice.

8. What payment do you require to make a booking?

During the consultation stage we will provisionally book out your dates for a few days to give you a chance to discuss the details with your family. You will be required to pay a 50% deposit to secure the date(s); failure to do this will result in the date(s) being allocated to other potential clients.

The remaining 50% is payable up to 4 weeks prior to the first event to be photographed.